T-Ring – Finger Cut Kit (Medical Finger Ring Kit / Finger Tourniquet for Fingers and Toes)


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The “Finger Cut Kit” allows you to safely & easily treat most finger cuts at home, work or at play. The kit contains the “T-RING”, the world’s first One-Size-Fits-All tourniquet for fingers; designed by an emergency room doctor to instantly stop bleeding when slid onto a cut finger or Toe.

Treat Finger Cuts in 3 Easy steps : Slide it on, clean the wound, apply wound strips and bandage. It’s that simple.

Simplicity and Utility :

The T-RING Finger Cut Kit contains everything you need to treat your next finger cut. Contents are positioned in order of use, simply open the kit and get started. After reviewing the “Warnings” to make sure you don’t require medical attention, follow the easy step by step instructions to use the contents of the kit to control bleeding, clean & close the wound. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t – it’s that simple.


T-ring Finger Tourniquet 1 qty. Sterile Saline Wipes 1 qty.
Gauze 2 qty. Wound Strips 3 qty.
Band-Aid 2 qty. Shower Shields 2 qty.



  • The Cut Kit can be used on 95% of cuts that are simple and involve the skin only
  • Clear instructions regarding when to seek medical attention
  • Simple step by step instructions



  • Loss of tissue or hanging tissue
  • A crush injury with possible fracture
  • loss of ability to move or feel finger
  • Foreign material in the wound
  • Any chance of injury to deep tissue (tendon, artery, nerve, bone or joint)
  • A cut greater than 2.5 cm (1”) long injury to the nail or nail bed a cut caused by a bite
  • A need for tetanus immunization


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